Aeon Sable introduces us to Aether (2018)

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Aether is Aeon Sable’s new album, and we have counted on their singer Nino Sable to present an existentialist, cosmic work which is imbued with the essence of the band.

Aeon Sable are not new to the scene. Formed in 2010 by Din-Tah Aeon and Nino Sable in Essen, these Germans began releasing the album Per Aspera Ad Astra on afmusic. Eight years later they have released their sixth album Aether at Solar Lodge, after international recognition thanks to addictive tracks like Visions and albums without waste like the previous Hypaerion.

Aether: our impressions

It is a relief to see that with Aether the muse of the band has not withered. Aeon Sable continue to offer new sensations and surprises, opening paths between Dark Metal and Dark Rock without renouncing resources such as electronic elements that appear in their fair and precise measure.

In Aether the influences of Metal are notorious for the very force that defines the style. The languid guitars and effects are there, along with the melodies, choruses and recitations of the voices and synthesized keyboards. They undoubtedly give a strong personality to the album, which is complemented by chords and rhythms that become progressively harder as the need to express the strength of the contained emotions.

Personally, I’ve really enjoyed the melodies of the voice and the guitar wall that you can hear in Deadlock Canon. Also with the intensity that Leaving of the Fourth Season reaches, thanks to both the Black Metal influence and the gothic sensibility that precedes it. With songs like this you can see that music is still a great way to travel to unknown sensations.

Although Aeon Sable share the mystical halo with his label mates Merciful Nuns, and the numerology influences their albums (as we were told in the video-interview we did), fortunately they have not declared a limit of 7 albums (as done in the beginning by Garden of Delight, the first band of Artaud Seth, currently engaged in Merciful Nuns, Near Earth Orbith and the label Solar Lodge). Still, it will be interesting to see what energies Aeon Sable infuse to their next and seventh album – with Aether they have left a desire for more!

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Aether in front of the mirror

Usually record reviews are made with a critique of the songs contained, but for this occasion we wanted to offer something a little different. Therefore, below you will find each track of the album containing a quotation taken from their respective lyrics, as well as the song itself if it is available on Bandcamp for listening, and more importantly, Nino’s own comments on each song. His reflections, anecdotes, etc., directly from his experiences in the creation and recording of these 7 tracks. Thank you very much, Nino!

I. Hand of Glory & The Nihilist

I plan mountains, rivers and forests in grey
I imagine thoughts, feelings and visions in grey
and while I exist, I count the seconds
To the crash.
The Nihilist.

Nino: The first both tracks are very antagonistic, that’s the reason why we glued them together, in order to become one. In order to create one first, interesting impression. All and Nothing. The spell of the hand of glory (sic), is a magical theme here, while The Nihilist is a god that negates himself. I wrote The Nihilist in a half an hour while I drank a bottle of red wine and prepared for death. Death wasn’t available that day, so the devil gave me a few lyrics for a song.

II. Follow the Light

Let’s bury consequence and reason on our way ahead
The road is never ending, while right and left all birds play dead
We’re moving forward, moving forward – we will never regret
Let’s follow the light, let’s follow the light out of this world of dread.

Nino: Inspired by Lux, guided by Path, we created a song for the dance floors here. It wasn’t our intention to build up a catchy dance floor hit – but shit happens – sorry. 🙂

III. Deadlock Canon

In the end my friend
Everything returns to the black pond
Leaving visions and memories
Back where they came from
Between the ashes and cosmic dust
Everything is formed anew
This rule is for me, this rule for you.

Nino: Deadlock Canon is a hymn for all those who found a way to their conciousness and thought about what may comes after death. “In the end my friend, everything returns to the black pond (cosmos) leaving visions and memories (life), back where they came from. Between the ashes (ashes to ashes – the end) and cosmic dust (future), everything is formed anew. This rule is for me and this rule is for you”.

IV Burn for Salvation

Among the clouds the sun will rise
And colors will fall from the skies
A laconic moment
Something splendid this way comes
All along…

Nino: Yet another Aeon Sable song. It contains everything we stand for. Great guitars, nice and harsh vocals. Just follow the rhythm and burn (like a flame dancing on the moon).

V. O Senhor do Medo

Num mar de vozes – eu sou o grito
E no bosque das ilusões – eu sou a ideia
E na montanha incendiada – eu sou o nascimento
Porque eu sou o senhor do medo
Eu sou o senhor do medo.

Nino: O senhor do medo is something very special for us. We created a monster here. Everyone knows him. The master of fear every one of us carries deep inside… you can’t escape. Your greatest enemy lies inside of you.

VI. Dark Matter

Out of space
Where everything is free
Deep down where the spectrosphere
Generates every star we see
Where cosmic particles
Of the gods dance around
In acid clouds
Driven by raw sounds.

Nino: A space night song, heavily inspired by drone and ambient music, with a taste of cosmic dust. Close your eyes and follow the tunes into the gigantic cosmos.

VII. Leaving of the Fourth Season + The Pharaoh (Outro)

Everything is gone
But the memory remains
But the memory remains
We’ve been hiding far too long
But the memory remains
But the memory remains
The shadows we dwell on
But the memory remains
But the memory remains.
Leaving of the Fourth Season.

Nino: This is also a characteristic Aeon Sable song. Not metal, not Goth, not post-punk, just Aeon Sable at its best.

And I’ve met him, my darling – the great wise prophet
The wanderer between all new born worlds
And he told me a story of power and magic
Of visions, death and rebirth.
The Pharaoh (Outro).

Nino: The Outro was massively inspired by The Dark Tower by Stephen King. Like the whole album…

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