AR.K. emerges with a video for Muerte CoV2 (Einwohner Mix)

AR.K. is the new solo project of Artax Krux, relocated to Germany to unleash his view of Dark Electro, Industrial, EBM and Darkwave.

Wherever light goes, darkness was there before – The Pronoise years

Artax became known to the Valencia and Spain scene with Pronoise, the EBM/darkwave//post punk/industrial band he established together with Javi Fête Triste in 1996. After their first LP – Low Light Vision (1997) –, an unexpected and reinforced resurrection arrived in 2015. As a result, the Valencian duo recruited two more musicians and their second LP – The Border Crossing (2015) – was released.

After several years of constant activity with concerts, parties and a very active role in revitalizing the Valencian dark/alternative scene, Pronoise was halted. Artax moved to Germany for work reasons, and the band as a whole could not adapt to this new circumstance.

AR.K. is born

Without a doubt, destiny has its own plans. The Teutonic country is well known in the dark international scene because of its strength in terms of following. Rhine-Main, the area where Artax relocates, is no exception, and there he’s got impregnated with the offer of concerts and parties.

With ideas rampant in his mind, and building also upon former work for what was going to be Pronoise’s third album, it all starts to come to life. The new tracks skew towards a more electro-industrial style, new contacts and influences broaden, and the motif incorporates punk and anarchist spirit.

The results are a series of tracks which AR.K. will be releasing on an approximately monthly basis. The first of these is Muerte CoV2 (Einwohner Mix), a harsh and danceable track with a well-finished video, which features post-production by Neuraska and German translation by Holger Rümke.

The ears of this privileged writer have already been able to listen to AR.K.’s first cycle of finished songs, and I can assure they form, without a doubt, a very interesting repertoire. Personally, I think their prominent added value is their wide styles reach, without ever losing consistence. As listeners, you already know that industrial/EBM has many facets, and AR.K. manages to reflect them in the songs written. You will be able to check this on AR.K.’s official website (available in English and Spanish), as well as in the Bandcamp profile. By the way, some of its licenses allow the remixing and further uses as per terms described in each track.

In the darkest times, will there still be singing?
There will still be singing. About the darkest times.
(Bertolt Brecht)

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