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Foto del grupo Cuélebre en blanco y negro

Interview with Cuélebre

It was their turn. After let you know about the adventures of the valencian group Cuélebre, it was about time themselves told us about their origin, the anecdotes of their performances, and above all their present and the coming of their second album on the horizon…

Fragmento de la portada de Inauguration, por The House of Usher

Interview with The House of Usher

The German group The House of Usher will perform November, 28 in Valencia, alongside with Scots from Deads Eyes Opened and Valencians from The Phantoms. Thanks to Future Sounds Management, we’ll have a unique chance to see 2 international groups from the Gothic scene together with a Garage/Punk local group.

Foto de Pretentious, Moi? por Taya Uddin (Exposed Photography)

Interview with Pretentious, Moi?

We interview Pretentious, Moi?, the Gothic Rock English group of great songs and full of vitality as Malina or Witchhouse. In order to do this, we contacted Tim Chandler, alma mater of the band.