Interview with Corpus Delicti: “My wish would be to jump from the top of the league 2 to the league 1”

Last February 11th (2023), Corpus Delicti enchanted us with a memorable concert in Madrid that will remain engraved in our retinas and ears. That night we took the opportunity to contact Sébastien, the singer, and arrange a subsequent interview. Franck, the guitarist, joins the conversation and here is the result!

Corpus Delicti is one of the most important references in the gothic rock made during the 90’s, thanks among other things to all the musical personality you brought. What atmosphere and state in the listener did you want to create in the 3 albums as Corpus Delicti? Was there a connection with the gothic novel genre or with another kind of literature or art?

Franck: Well, we were quite young. We just wanted to create music we liked with a good sound, good melodies, good energy, good atmosphere. All the ingredients we thought were important to be a good band. Still today. At the end, the creative process was natural.

How do you see now the change of direction of the Syn:drom album you released as Corpus? I’ve listened to it recently and seen in perspective, I understand the shock it might have provoked in the fans, but it seems to me that nowadays those industrial rock sounds are totally assimilated in the dark scene.

Sébastien: This album, we knew it was the end… it was actually a kind of compromise, a mixture, not very succesful, of everything we wanted to do on our own. The essence of the band was lost on this record. We should have taken a break instead, because we hadn’t stopped for 4 or 5 years, but that didn’t happen. But in terms of sound, even back then, some gothic bands were going for a more industrial sound.

With all the experiences as Corpus Delicti throughout all these years, what emotions or feelings has it left in you?

Franck : With the years, I can realise how the band became important. I’m personally proud of it. I’m enjoying every second of the tour. On stage a lot, but also chatting with the fans around the world. It’s incredible and beautiful. So, I would say that Corpus Delicti is been the most important thing I’ve made in my life, with lovely and close friends. We keep connected for 30 years in and out , but always connected.

Sébastien: Personally, I went through different phases: first there was rejection for several years, so much so that when I released my first solo album under the name of Kuta, I didn’t say that I had been the singer of Corpus Delicti… Then the years went by, and with it the appearance of the internet, and there, as time went by, I realised that our music had had a certain resonance, and that it was starting to reach more and more people. We were getting messages, some of them very touching…

Today, I tell myself that what is happening to us is a huge happiness and that, in the end, many musicians don’t know that. The feedback we’ve had since the concerts started again is incredible, it’s a real happiness for us, a great pride too and it’s very motivating.

What has it meant for you to explore the following musical projects after Corpus Delicti (Press Gang Metropol, Kuta, Curl, Kom-Intern)?

Franck: Curl is my baby, and I love to be with the band. Love our creativity, the energy as well. Working with Hayley Alker is a gift, and Wil from Teenage Sin Taste and Jon D. Callender (ex Cranes drummer). We’ve made 3 beautiful albums, the next one is on the way. I ve got two beautiful families. I feel really lucky.

The album we made with Sébastien and Chrys (Press Gang Metropol ) is beautiful too. Something away from Corpus Delicti, that’s what we wanted. There are many good songs. Really proud of it also.

Sébastien: I really needed it after the band. And it allowed me to explore another side of my voice. And I like the idea of doing these Kuta albums at my own pace, being the only one in charge. By the way, the new Polaroid has just been released 🙂

Since Corpus Delicti stopped producing new songs, new bands have emerged in the dark and alternative French scene. We think of Violet Stigmata, Soror Dolorosa or Frustration, for example. What do you think of them, do you like any of them in particular?

Franck: I personally like Colder and Vox Law as French bands, Frustration and Je T’aime too. They’re all doing something a bit different than the standards. It sounds quite fresh. I like it.

In the interview you did with La Letra Capital, Sébastien made reference to the fact that he didn’t feel that people had learned anything after the pandemic, this apparent “return to normality”. What worries you most about today’s world, and has it been reflected in any way in your bands and projects?

Franck: I’m scared that the world’s gonna be more and more controlled. I’ve had lot of time to think, to look after me, and realise how the society is build up. And fucked up.

How did you experience the concert in Madrid last February 11 with Date at Midnight? Did you have time to visit the city? Could there be more opportunities to perform again in Madrid or in other cities in Spain?

Franck: The show in Madrid was great! The promoters made a brilliant job, we felt home and loved. I wouldn’t say that it s one of the best of the tour so far, because honestly, they were all good. We had a really warm welcome, nice people everywhere. In every single city we went. But we re playing better and better. So the energy is building up gigs after gigs. I don’t wanna stop it. There’s room for improvement!

We’d love to come back in Madrid and other cities in Spain. We’re working on few options. Let’ s see.

Sébastien: First we found in Gaston from Endemoniada Promotions and Vanessa from All Waves, wonderful promoters. We were really happy to have a sold out there and everyone did a great job. The audience was fantastic, we spent a wonderful evening and we love chasing after the gigs. I had time to visit a little for a couple of days, that was cool! We did the same in Athens, but for 3 days, all the band together with family. We loved it !

What do you think is the legacy that Corpus Delicti will leave in the history of rock and post punk? Has this project already given everything it had to give?

Franck: Haha, I don’t know to be honest. Hopefully nice memories. My wish would be: to jump from the top of the league 2 to the league 1.

Thank you very much for the interview! It has been a pleasure and an honor. We loved the concert in Madrid… I don’t know if you have been to the Wave Gotik Treffen, but the ambience there is really special. I hope you enjoy your next concert there, best regards!

Franck: Thank you too – it’s been a pleasure to be in Madrid and meet all the fans and promoters. Looking forward to coming back soon! Much love to you guys.

Sébastien: We look forward to all future shows… And stay tuned, maybe a chance we could come back to Spain!

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