Mon a la Cova launches INSECTA

Mon a la Cova continues his solo career with a new album. INSECTA is conceptually based on the board game Insecta: The Ladies of Entomology, and explores the relationship between humans and insects.

INSECTA leans towards experimental rock with arrhythmias and dissonances in some of its tracks, synthetic percussions and a variety between some more forceful songs (like Crec-cric-crec) and others that are more melodic. In Mon’s words, this is an album with echoes of the past, oriented towards darkwave and alternative and reflective music, with touches of post punk. The lyrics, always in Catalan, are also translated into Spanish, English and German and are available within each track on Bandcamp.

INSECTA has also been released on CD at a price of 15€, and to order it you can write to Mon at (shipping included).

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