Scenius cover Can on ‘I Want More’

English duo Scenius update the only track that took experimental rockers Can to Top of The Pops (UK).

Scenius are going their own way, on the path of synthpop and dark pop, and they don’t want to sound like others. After releasing two albums (the debut Enough Fears and the subsequent Life Is A Thing), they continue to explore their creativity by looking to the past and rejuvenating Can.

With I Want More, Can made an accessible, danceable disco track, underpinned by the guitar riffs, the drum beat and the then surprising use of synthesizers (we’re talking about 1976).

Almost 50 years later, Scenius have dispensed with guitars and added a synthpop spirit and a clearer, more powerful sound with their analogue equipment. To do so, they resort to some variations of notes in the keyboard lines that bring them closer to the robotic and danceable techno-pop of Gary Numan, while Fabrice’s voice is wrapped up by a female choir.

But it’s best to check it out with your own ears. Below is the Scenius music video (virtual and Martian themed) and, if you want to check out the differences, the Can original. I Want More can be heard and purchased on Scenius’ Bandcamp, as well as on Spotify and Deezer.

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