Interview with Days Of Sorrow

We interview on video William Lennox, the singer and cofounder of the German band Days of Sorrow.
Last July, William took advantage of his visit to Spain to come to Valencia and talk to us about the revival of his band and his new album, Soulmate Sister (2022). Days of Sorrow has its origins in the 80s, when they released a single and an EP with emblematic tracks such as Wild World. In 2018, the band was reactivated from the release of the Whatever Happens compilation through the Spanish label Dead Wax Records.

William talks to us about all this and other issues, such as upcoming gigs and those that may come, making it clear that they are more than willing to perform in Valencia and the rest of Spain. Interested promoters can contact Black Web Tourbooking or Days of Sorrow themselves.

The video interview is in English, and you can activate also the automatic English subtitles in the video itself. We apologize for the low volume level in the first two questions, which is normalized later, but that’s just a live thing!

Finally, we want to thank Sheila and Adrian, the promoters of the Vamptasía Club (Valencia – Spain), for hosting us in their social club and thus being able to conduct the interview in such a special environment.

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